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Strikes & Riots Cover

    Motor Insurance

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    During these turbulent yet hopeful times in Lebanon, the demand for very specific insurance covers is dramatically increasing. One of the most requested covers today is strikes & riots for motor insurance. Although Lebanon's insurance market includes more than 45 insurance companies who compete daily in the motor insurance market, very few players today provide coverage for strikes & riots in their plans. Some players who used to offer this cover recently stopped!

    Buying the right insurance plan for your car is critical today in Lebanon. Our preferred providers have continued to offer strikes & riots cover and are doing so with very competitive rates. Plus, the cover is at 100% of your car's value. (N.B. some providers cover only 10% of your car's value in case of damage)

    Obviously these days the risk of damages due to Strikes & Riots is elevated. It is up to you to take the necessary measures to protect your assets. To learn more or receive a quote that includes Strikes & Riots cover for your car, visit the following link: request a quote.

    MyBroker Inc. is an independent insurance brokerage based in Beirut, Lebanon. We provide personalized recommendations to help individuals and companies make the most confident decision about their coverage and choice of insurance company.

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