Motor Bodily Injury

...more important than your car’s ALL-RISK insurance policy.

In fact, so many Lebanese tend to overlook one of the most essential car insurance policies around: Compulsory Third Party Bodily Injury Car Insurance.

Hitting a pedestrian while driving might come at a great cost/liability to the driver, and a bodily injury policy PROTECTS the driver from these costs.

In Lebanon, this policy is compulsory and better known as the “mecanique” policy (because people are usually forced to buy this policy when they take their car to the “mecanique”). But did you know the policy you buy at the door of the inspection offices is not the most reliable? That’s because NONE of the leading insurance companies are at the “mecanique” checkpoints.

What does this mean? In case of an accident, and when you need it most, your insurer might not be there for you. Today, the cost of this policy is $35. Some insurance providers sell this policy for less than that; these are the providers that you should dismiss.

For convenience sake, we can deliver this policy to your doorstep in less than 48 hrs, and we ONLY deal with solid reliable insurance companies. Drive safe!