• Insuring your World

    A one-stop shop for all
    your insurance needs.

    Lebanese Abroad

    The kind of plan every expat in

    the Gulf, Africa or Europe needs.

    Guaranteed Returns

    In these turbulent economic times,
    diversification is the best strategy.

    Pet Insurance

    Because every member of the

    family deserves to be looked after.

    Motor Insurance

    Exclusive features: natural catastrophes,
    strikes & riots, theft, fire, terrorism & war.

  • About Us

    MyBroker Inc. is an independent insurance brokerage based in Beirut, Lebanon.
    We provide personalized insurance recommendations to help individuals and companies make the most confident decision about their coverage and choice of insurance company.

    We are very passionate about serving our clients and committed to giving back to our community through our continuous support to the Lebanese Center for Palliative Care - Balsam.

    Founder & Managing Partner

  • Our Products

    Corporate Solutions

    Tailored solutions for small, medium and large companies.

    Home Insurance

    Fire, Theft, Liability, Natural Catastrophes & many more.

    Motor Insurance

    All Risk & Third Party Liability

    Covers for Cars & Motorbikes

    Health Insurance

    International & Regional Plans

    for Residents, Students & Expats

    Travel Insurance

    Medical Expenses, Lost Luggage,

    Trip Cancellation, Repatriation...

    Expat In-Bound Travel

    For Expats who want to be

    insured during their stay in Lebanon

    Disability Insurance

    Partial, Temporary or

    Permanent Disability Plans

    Critical Illness

    Short & Long Term Plans

    covering up to 32 illnesses

    Life Insurance

    Short & Long Term Plans

    with War & Terrorism Covers

    Education Plans

    Guaranteed Savings with

    Premium Protection & Schooling

    Expat Medical Option

    Exclusively for Lebanese

    Expats to secure a future Health Plan

    Short-Term Deposits

    Minimum Guaranteed returns

    on USD Accounts

    Savings Plans

    A Combination of Guaranteed

    Savings & Global Mutual Funds

    Professional Liability

    Doctors, Consultants, Lawyer, Architects & Developers

    Pet Insurance

    Exclusive to MyBroker Inc., Petsurance® is a plan for Dogs & Cats

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