How to choose the right coverage for your time abroad?

Travel insurance is often mistaken for international health insurance, yet the two plans differ in very important ways. Our blog points out the main differences between travel and international health insurance to help you choose the right plan and explore the world without any worries!

What is travel insurance? Travel insurance is designed to cover you for trips of limited duration, usually not longer than six months. It offers protection against travel related issues such as:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation 
  • Trip cancellation or interruption due to specific conditions
  • Flight delay if it lasts for several hours
  • Loss of luggage
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Personal Liability

It is important to know that the medical bills are only covered in case of sudden and unexpected illnesses or accidents. Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded.  

What is international health insurance? International health insurance covers medical treatment for individuals living for the majority of the year outside their home country. International health plans offer a broad range of covers and add-ons. The main ones are: 

  • Hospital stay and out-patient treatment
  • Routine check-ups
  • Cover for chronic conditions
  • Maternity 
  • Dental and Optical

As an expat, it can be tempting to try to keep costs down by opting to rely on travel insurance while abroad for extended periods . It is important to weigh your options and ensure that you have the right plan before moving or traveling to another country.

Which plan should you get? Although both plans are intended for people spending time away from their home country, the intended purpose of each product is different. If you are considering relocating from your home country for a sustained period of time then you should definitely consider an international health insurance plan. If you are travelling for a holiday, a business trip, or another type of short visit abroad, travel insurance is the right choice. In order to make an informed decision, just reach out to any of our team members by clicking below.