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    Life insurance is about understanding the financial impact of the bread-earner's death or disability on the family.
    We work together to figure out the most appropriate life insurance amount. It is important to neither be over or under insured. This is why part of the process is figuring out the gap between what you already have in place and what needs to be done.

    Life insurance is also a very effective tool for tax planning purposes when it comes to estate planning.


    The technical name for this life insurance plan is: Term Life Insurance. As it's name suggests, this plan covers you for a pre-defined term or period. The longer the term of this life insurance plan, the higher the price of this plan. And consequently, the shorter the term or period of this life insurance policy, the lower the price of the plan. For this reason, it is essential to establish the duration of the term life plan based on your needs or wants.

    For example: Mark is a 40 year old family man, his kids are 4 and 6 years old. Our recommendation for the term period or duration of the term life insurance that Mark needs to purchase is 20 years since his kids would have reached an age of financial independence. Of course, Mark can purchase a term life insurance for 40 years, yet, the cost of this plan would be much higher than the 20 year term life insurance.


    To purchase the right life insurance plan, it is important to consider all your options.

    We focus on three main aspects before advising you on the most suitable plan:


      We have secured the best

      plans in the market

      with exclusive features.


      It is essential to establish what plan suits your travel habits and country of residence.


      We always scan the market,

      and strongly doubt

      anyone can match ours.

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