4 Plans Every Lebanese Expat Should Own

If you’re on the fence about becoming an expat or you have already moved, it’s important to secure all of the aspects of your life abroad, particularly when it comes to health coverage, financial planning and asset protection. Here is a list of our recommended insurance plans that every Lebanese expat has to own:

1. Medical Continuity Option
If you have plans to return back to Lebanon one day, it’s important to consider securing a future health plan without the "buts" i.e. exclusions and/or extra premiums. Isn’t it weird buying a plan today only to use later? Well, yes but the main advantage is to lock your health status as of today. In other words, this guaranteed continuity option gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy a 1st class medical insurance plan in the future without a health assessment at the time of purchase.

2. Global Life Insurance
Wherever you are around the globe, owning a life insurance policy should be a priority especially if you are a family man and/or own several assets. Many life insurance plans include a savings element in them; we tend to focus on pure life insurance plans that provide pure protection and are less costly. Moreover, we make sure that your life insurance policy is transferable from country to country (for an expat, this is crucial). Our global life plans follow you wherever you go around the globe.

3. International Health Insurance
Your home country health insurance plan or health system probably won't cover you when you're living overseas. So one of the best solutions - especially for expats who aren’t long-term residents of a certain country- would be to own a private & portable international health plan. Such a plan would cover you in your country of residence, in Lebanon, as well as in any country that you might travel to.

4. Assets Worth Insuring
Most Lebanese expats leave the country with the hope of returning one day. But what about your assets, such as a family home or car(s), that were left behind in Lebanon?
Houses that are left unoccupied in Lebanon are at risk of dangers such as fire, theft and water damage. Hence, it's important to consider ensuring your home’s contents, maybe a safe, and other valuable items. Similarly, cars left behind are at a high risk of theft or damages from hit and run situations.

As you can see, moving abroad requires lots of modifications to your existing insurance plans and exposes you to new insurance needs. Our experts are here to guide you through the process of comparing your options and tailoring plans for your particular needs, budget and place of residence. Reach out by clicking below.