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  • Pet Insurance | Lebanon

    Our Petsurance plan is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for your pet.


    The Petsurance plan covers:

    • Medical Expenses due to Sickness - up to $1,500 //
    • Medical Expenses due to Accident - up to $1,500 //
    • Poisoning - up to $1,500 //
    • Third Party Liability - up to $1,500 //
    • Accidental Death - up to $1,500 //
    This is the first pet insurance plan in Lebanon.


    More importantly, it is important to provide us with accurate information in order to be able to offer you a plan that is not only appropriate but also covers you properly in case of a claim.
    To purchase the right pet insurance insurance plan, it is important to consider all your options, understand the plan exclusions, and work with solid insurance providers.

    To learn more about Pet Insurance,
    please fill the below form.

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