• Motor Insurance | Lebanon

    To buy the right motor insurance plan, it is important to consider all your options.

    The essential features we recommend to all our clients are:

    1. Strikes and Riots Cover: During these turbulent times in Lebanon, it is important to have strikes and riots cover included in your car insurance plan. The damages that might be caused to your car due to a riot has increased in the last couple of months.
    2. Natural Catastrophes: Hail, storm, tempest, flood and other natural risks should by part of your car insurance plan. Some companies offer cover for natural catastrophes, yet very few, cover your car up to 100% of its market value. 
    3. Theft: Even in case of a hold-up, make sure you have 100% cover for this risk.

    We focus on three main aspects before advising you on the most suitable car insurance plan:


      We have secured the best

      plans in the market

      with exclusive features.


      We are committed to

      always delivering

      exceptional client service.


      We always scan the market,

      and strongly doubt

      anyone can match ours.

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