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  • International Health Insurance

    International & Regional Plans for Residents, Students & Expats

    Also referred to as global health insurance or international private medical insurance, this type of health insurance provides you with worldwide medical coverage with access to the best medical facilities in the world.

    What are the main features of an international health insurance plan?

    • Worldwide Coverage
    • Medical Evacuation & Air Ambulance 
    • Full Plan Customization
    • Individual and Family Plans
    • 24/7 Support & Expertise
    • Dental and Optical 

    In partnership with our global health providers, we offer several international health insurance options depending on your needs and budget. And some of the insurance companies we work with accept new applicants up to age 89 years! So, its never too late to apply.

    More importantly, it is important to provide us with accurate information in order to be able to offer you a plan that is not only appropriate but also covers you properly in case of a claim.


    To purchase the right international health insurance plan, it is important to consider all your options, understand the plan exclusions, and work with solid insurance providers.


    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has shaken the world. We advise all our clients to inquire about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) coverage before purchasing a medical insurance policy. In many of our policies, COVID-19 treatment is covered.

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