• International Health Insurance

    Also referred to as global health insurance or international private medical insurance, this type of health insurance provides you with worldwide medical coverage with access to the best medical facilities in the world.


    What are the main benefits of an international health insurance plan?

    • Worldwide coverage – insurance plans that cover medical treatments in almost every country.
    • Medical Evacuation & Air Ambulance – an essential & reliable cover with all our plans.
    • World’s best medical facilities – access to the highest quality of healthcare possible.
    • Plan customization – insurance plans tailored according to your budget.
    • 24/7 Support & Expertise - claim responsiveness and availability 24/7.
    • Enhanced features - comprehensive benefits that offer you piece of mind and security.  

    In partnership with our global health providers, we offer several international health insurance options depending on your needs and budget. And some of the insurance companies we work with accept new applicants up to age 89 years! So, its never too late to apply.

    Give us a call or contact us to learn more about the international health insurance plans available in your country.

    We also provide health insurance plans to corporate clients that are based in Lebanon, Middle East, and Africa.

    • Countries

      International Health Insurance Lebanon
      International Health Insurance Ghana
      International Health Insurance Nigeria
      International Health Insurance Senegal
      International Health Insurance Ivory Coast
      International Health Insurance Cameroon
      International Health Insurance Sierra Leone
      International Health Insurance Congo
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