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    What are the main plan features and policy terms to consider before purchasing a medical or health plan in Lebanon?

    • Insurance Class: First, Second or Third Class insurance plans are available in the Lebanese health insurance market. 
    • Hospital Network: Medical plans can include the full network of Lebanese medical providers or on a limited network basis.
    • Social Security: Health plans can be purchased on stand alone basis or as a compliment to Lebanon's social security coverage. 
    • Additional Covers: Ambulatory (Out-Patient), Prescription Medicine, Doctors Consultations, and Travel Insurance.  
    • Deductibles or Co-Pay: To reduce the cost of a health insurance policy, medical plans can be purchased with a co-pay or deductible.  
    • Payment Terms: Premium payment facilities up to 12 months are available in some of our medical insurance plans.  
    • Global Coverage: Access to international medical providers available exclusively for Lebanese with dual nationalities. 

    In partnership with the leading health insurance providers, we aim to provide our clients with tailored solutions that suit their needs, budgets, and expectations.


    More importantly, it is important to provide us with accurate information in order to be able to offer you a plan that is not only appropriate but also covers you properly in case of a claim.
    To purchase the right medical insurance plan, it is important to consider all your options, understand the plan exclusions, and work with solid insurance providers.
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