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    About Cameroon
    The Republic of Cameroon is a Central African country, spanning an area of approximately 475,442 km² with an estimated population of 23.5 million people. Cameroon is often referred to as ‘Africa in miniature’ as it has a diverse geography that portrays all of Africa’s major climates, whether it is the beaches, deserts, mountains, rain forests, or savannas. Cameroon’s most populated cities are Yaoundé, Douala, and Garoua, respectively. The officially spoken languages in Cameroon are French and English, although French is more common among Cameroonians. Some of the countries that neighbor Cameroon are Nigeria, Chad, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo.

    Healthcare & Precautions in Cameroon

    The most predominant diseases in Cameroon as of 2012 are HIV/AIDS, Lower Respiratory Infection, and Diarrheal Diseases. Other indigenous diseases include - but are not limited to - malaria, meningitis, sleeping sickness, and dengue fever. The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in 2016 was approximately 4% among people between the ages of 15 and 49. However, because there is a cultural stigma in Cameroon against HIV/AIDS, the number of reported cases might not accurately reflect the actual prevalence rate of the disease in the country.


    Cameroon’s total nominal GDP estimate in 2018 was $38.445 billion or $1,544 per capita, which places it on the list among the largest 15 African economies. Despite having a large economy relative to the majority of African countries, the health care system in Cameroon is poor, especially in the rural areas. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is only one doctor for every 5,000 people in Cameroon. Furthermore, only 4% of total GDP expenditure was allocated to healthcare in 2014. Cameroonian Doctors and nurses leave their country in search for better pay and a more convenient workload, as the pay in Cameroon is very low for the high level of work they have to put in. While the public healthcare system is clearly underfunded and overcrowded, quality private healthcare in Cameroon is very expensive, and a big portion of the population cannot afford it.


    The two main general hospitals are located in the two most populated cities of Yaoundé and Douala, the political and economic capitals of Cameroon, respectively. You will also find specialized hospitals, provincial hospitals, and 143 district health care centers across Cameroon. However, the standards of emergency facilities in Cameroon are sub-par, and receiving quality medical treatment can be very costly, because Cameroon lacks an adequate health insurance system.

    Our Recommendation

    For those reasons, all expats are advised to purchase a comprehensive international health insurance plan, with additional evacuation and repatriation covers as part of your plan. Furthermore, terrorist attacks are very likely to occur in Cameroon, as terrorist group Boko Haram is active in the North of Cameroon and in some major cities. As protection from any potential terrorist attacks, purchasing additional war and terrorism covers may be vital to your health insurance plan in Cameroon.


    It is also always recommended to buy a group medical insurance plan for your organization in Cameroon. If you would like to purchase a comprehensive corporate health insurance plan, MyBroker Inc. can assist you with all your coverage needs at competitive rates.


    If you are an expat living in Cameroon, we at MyBroker Inc. are available to assist you with your comprehensive international health insurance needs, including emergency medical evacuations and repatriation.


    For more information about the Cameroon health insurance policies we can offer, please feel free to contact us today. If you are looking to purchase international health insurance in Cameroon, please fill in your information in the form below to receive a quotation.

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